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Production of the fruit

Sweet and horse chestnuts are harvested from the chestnut plantations. The processing of the fruit remains a field of activity which is in the course of developing. Linked to the harvesting of the fruit are the "clédiers", which are driers for the chestnuts, which are mainly found adjoining the farms in the Monts de Châlus.

The Association for horse and sweet chestnuts in Limousin

It is intended to promote chestnuts and chestnut trees in Limousin. From June to November, the guided tour of the chestnut allows you to discover:

  • The House of the Chestnut Tree (Maison du Châtaignier)
  • Craft industries (basket-makers and workers with chestnut)
  • Gastronomy connected to using chestnuts
  • The special plantation where the diversity of the species is preserved
  • The "peeling" workshop (in October and November)

Personalised study tours, open to school pupils and adults, if reserved in advance.

Further information on 05 55 78 49 92 or from the Mairie (town hall) in Dournazac 05 55 78 43 08

The chestnut discovery trail

The special plantation in Dournazac
A walk, accessible to everyone, makes it possible to discover this emblematic fruit of the Perigord-Limousin Regional Natural Park.
Eight, lavishly illustrated panels explain the life of the chestnut tree, gastronomy with the chestnut, the preservation of varieties and the chestnut in history, etc.

Free admittance March - November . The plantation is slightly overgrown, so make sure you have appropriate shoes.

The House of the Chestnut Tree (Maison du Châtaignier), close to the Tourist Information Office of the Monts de Châlus

A place of discovery

• Video describing the activities connected to making use of the wood of the chestnut tree.
• Educational panels evoke life in Limousin at the time when exploiting the chestnut tree was a living economy for many families.
• Presentation of the chestnut worker's tools

Tourist Information Office of the Monts de Châlus 05 55 78 51 13

A place to buy

Hand-made products are on show and for sale: farm products based on the chestnut and many items in chestnut wood, from the traditional to the little more contemporary.

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